វីដេអូកំប្លែងពីការនិយាយភាសាអង់គ្លេសត្រាប់តាម ជនជាតិរៀតណាម

ខាងក្រោមនេះជាវីដេអូកំប្លែងខ្លីមួយដែលសម្តែងដោយតារាកំប្លែងឈ្មោះ Anjelah
Johnson ដែលជាកូនកាត់អាមេរិក និង មិកស៊ិកកូ។ នៅក្នុងវីដេអូនេះ នាងបាន

ដើម្បីជាជំនួយក្នុងការស្តាប់ Camnews សរសេរពាក្យដែលនាងបាននិយាយជូនលោក

I like to hang out my family I like to hang out my sister. We go get our nails done. Any lady there get nails done? Nice�honest crowd. How about any guy any guy down? Don�t lie. Sir, don�t lie. I can see your nails when the light turn on its all sparkling. You take them with you ha?. Yeah see? Me and my siser we go a place called beautiful nail. I am kinda confused when I first read the sign. Beautiful nail? Just one( because its a single nail without s).. just one nail so I gotta pick which one. These lady they are so nice. They make it feel it all about you and customer service-- Whatever you like we do for you. Really nice.

As soon as I walk in, they greet me right away�hi honey what you need today? Oh �em can
I get my nails done? Ok honey do you like pedicure too? No no just my nails. Honey why you don�t like? Pedicure it makes look nice. It so sexy. It�s better for you. Oh oh alright sure then I can pedicure too. Thanks. Ok honey sit down number 6 MAI LINH she do for you. Good job.
Oi 20 dollar ok sit down. Oh ok thanks.

So Mai Linh searched soon my nailed right away. By the way her American name is TAMMY. TAMMY. You have boyfriend? Emmm no no I don�t have a boyfriend. Honey, why you don�t have? You look so pretty like model, cheer leader, something pretty? You like long or short nail? Short nail please, thanks. Oh honey, that�s why you don�t have a boyfriend ( because short nail). I do for you. Long better. Alright, fine. I don�t have long nail. Thanks. That�s ok honey. 4 dollars more that�s ok. Do you like � or jell? Well do you like� or jel? Hmmm I am sorry. Hmm what? Honey do you like.. or jel for your nail? It�s the best thing you can have for your nail make look nice it sparks like diamond in the sky. Do you like or jel? Oh emm no I don�t want that�s thing. Honey you say to me you don�t have boyfriend I do want to help you. Oh ok fine I don�t have some. thats ok honey only 6 dollars more. I finished. Go wash your hand? Alright thanks TAMMY. Oh wait hold on.. this is a liltle bit cracked. You see that? No honey, that�s your finger do like that. That�s funny coz my finger did not do like that before I came in here. Ok honey don�t worry. I do it for you. TAMMY spoke in Vietnamese. She said you looked so pretty.


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